Keeping your render clean

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Render offers a clean, modern, and attractive finish for your home which will last for upwards of 20 years if properly maintained. Our one-coat and multi-coat render systems offer a wide range of finishes including dry dash, ashlar and scraped finish.

A monocouche render or multi-coat render finish is a relatively low maintenance option. However, "low-maintenance" doesn’t mean "no maintenance", so here are some handy tips on how to clean coloured render and keep it looking fresh for years to come. This guide will also teach you how to remove green algae, which is a common concern for those with rendered walls.

1. Watch out for vegetation

Any organic growth on the surface will make your beautifully rendered home start to look grubby. Gently remove any ivy, moss or other greenery using a brush, and then treat the entire wall with a render cleaner such as weber CL150.

Even if there’s no sign of growth on the building, it’s a good idea to give it an annual wash with weber CL150, which will kill a broad range of bacterial, fungal and algal species including green algae. This will not only keep the render looking fresh, but will slow down algae build-up before it becomes noticeable.

2. Wash it down

In the case of general staining, give the building a good wash using a pressure washer and a mild detergent. Take care to adjust the pressure washer to a fan action rather than a jet action as this could damage the render. There’s no exact rule as to how often you should be washing your render — once a year or as often as necessary.

Please note: Pressure washing is unsuitable for dry dash finishes.

3. Protect it

If it's a weberpral monocouche render you're looking after, you can add an extra layer of defence with weberend protect — a highly hydrophobic coating for protecting exterior renders from water, oil and graffiti which maintains the surface aesthetics and allows the substrate to breathe. weberend protect can be applied by spray application or by brush or roller. Take a look at the tutorial on the weberend protect product page for more details.

At Weber, we care about people and their environment. That’s why we strived to make our monocouche renders as eco-friendly as possible, and now have an A+ Green Guide rating.

Looking to switch up your render without going for a full redo? Why not go for a colour change? webersil p, our low-maintenance mineral paint is suitable for application to our weberpral range of renders, provided they are clean, sound and dry.

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