How to achieve a textured finish onto render board

How to achieve a textured finish onto render board

In contrast to a sponge/float finish which is quite smooth, a textured finish includes small aggregates in the decorative coating to give a slightly rougher appearance which can add textured depth to a building façade when applying onto render board.

For applying onto render board

The weberend MT system is a high performance multi-coat render system which is suitable for use onto render board and masonry, and can be finished in a range of over 100 different colours.

This render system consists of:

Colour charts

Our range of synthetic paints and textured finishes are available in a huge range of over 100 colours, resulting in a very personalised and low maintenance finish.

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Things to consider

There are some considerations to take into account when choosing weberend MT (which can be viewed here), however we recommend you contact us to discuss your options first to ensure you’ve selected the most suitable system for the job.

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