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Digital Academy Courses

Whilst we're currently unable to provide face-to-face courses in our Technical Academy, we're offering digital courses to improve your skillset in a range of areas including: monocouche, modern renders, tile fixing, flooring systems, and technical mortars.

Course content

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    Monocouche Render

    • Introduction to monocouche render
    • Typical substrates and preparation required
    • Decorative finishes and textures available
    • Scrape and dry-dash finish, ashlar and detailing

    Modern Renders

    • Introduction to modern renders
    • Typical substrates and preparation required
      • weberend aid
      • weberend bead adhesive
    • Application process
    • Decorative finishes and textures available

    Tile Fixing

    • Prep – Levelling compounds
    • Fix – Ready-mixed wall tile adhesives
    • Set – Powder adhesives for wall and floor tiling
    • Joint – Grout and sealants
    • Typical substrates and preparation required
    • Application process

    Flooring Systems

    • Introduction to flooring
    • weberfloor solutions:
      • Tiling preparation
      • Commercial screeds
      • Industrial screeds
      • Ancillaries
    • weberfloor vs traditional
    • Methods of application
    • Project planning
    • Installation

    Technical Mortars

    • Concrete repair
    • Concrete protection
    • Precision grouting and anchoring
    • Structural bonding
    • Composite strengthening
    • Highway maintenance mortars

    Course dates

    Our courses run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 09:30 until 12:00.

    March 2021

    • 23rd March

    April 2021

    • 1st April
    • 15th April
    • 29th April

    March 2021

    • 25th March

    April 2021

    • 27th April

    April 2021

    • 20th April

    March 2021

    • Thursday 18th March
    • Tuesday 30th March

    April 2021

    • 12th April
    • 22nd April

    April 2021

    • 21st April

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