Enjoy the finer things in life with weberpral MF

Weber have introduced weberpral MF to join its widely established and popular range of high quality, monocouche renders.  This fine texture, through-coloured render achieves a smoother, finer and more contemporary, modern aesthetic while providing an excellent weather and algae resistant decorative finish.

weberpral MF is a one-coat, ready mixed cementitious render suitable for most types of brick or blockwork.  Its through-colour, one coat characteristics allow fast and efficient application with shorter programme periods, contributing widely to site efficiencies and earlier completion of ground works.  weberpral MF requires little maintenance and decoration is not required.  This decorative and functional render is manufactured from fine grade aggregates with a grain size of 0.15mm compared to around 2.2mm grain sizes in  standard renders.  The finer texture makes it especially suitable for the creation of fine ashlar cuts and quoin detail. 

weberpral MF is filling a gap in our range,” says Tracey Dempster, Marketing Director, Saint-Gobain Weber.  “It is a best-selling render product in France and we feel confident there is a strong and committed market here in the UK.”

Formulated for spray application by render pump for faster application, weberpral MF can be applied up to 28mm thick in two passes.  It can also be applied manually.  Supplied in a 25kg bag coverage of 25kg/m² can be achieved when applied at a finished thickness of 15mm.

weberpral MF is available in four key colours – Chalk, Ivory, Silver Pearl and Cream.  Colour samples  are available on request.

Click Compare to help you choose the right product for your project, if you need further assistance please email technical@netweber.co.uk