EPS Recycling Scheme

EPS Recycling Scheme

Weber have partnered with our insulation suppliers to offer a recycling service which reduces your waste removal costs and protects the planet from additional rubbish to landfill.

Why recycle?

  • It is estimated that waste disposal currently makes up 1% of a projects costs
  • EPS is 100% recyclable
  • Around 10% of EPS used on a project will be off-cuts/waste
    • Much of this waste would go to landfill
    • EPS does not degrade naturally
  • Collections can take place at same time as EPS delivery – reducing transport and emissions
  • Can help customers to achieve waste recycling targets or as part of ISO 14001 accreditation

How does it work?

  • Collect all of your site EPS waste and store in the recycling bags provided
    • Collected waste must be uncontaminated (see below)
  • Contact Weber to arrange collection

Cost & potential savings

  • Cost = £300 (plus VAT per load)
    • A load is a maximum of 44 bags – each bag has a capacity of 1.3m3
  • Based on a collection of just 20 bags you could save £500 on skip hire*
    • Cost of EPS collection = £300
    • Skip hire (x4) = £800
    • Cost saving = £500

* Based on 8 yard skip (6.1m3 capacity) at a cost of £200 per skip

What waste can we collect?

  • Off-cuts
  • Complete boards
  • Contaminated waste cannot be accepted for recycling
  • Examples of contaminated waste include:
    • Material covered with dirt, soil, paint or other contaminants
    • Insulation other than EPS
    • Waste from other insulation suppliers
    • All other non-insulation waste

Please note...

  • Access is required for an articulated lorry – we regret we cannot collect from sites without access for an articulated lorry

For full terms and conditions

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