Bure Valley School - Norfolk

webertherm XM was specified for the remodelling of the Bure Valley School. With aesthetics in mind, the architect's brief was to integrate a renovated section of the school with new additions to the building. It was also vital to greatly improve the thermal efficiency and performance of the older retained sections of the facility, the original buildings being of partial cavity wall construction. 

Meeting the criteria to integrate different sections of Bure Valley School in Norfolk, architects achieved a modern, exciting and efficient place of education using the webertherm XM external wall insulation (EWI) system.

60mm of webertherm EPS was specified for the original building sections, and on the new build section 200mm of the same insulation was applied to the blockwork skin prior to the same render finish. weberplast TF decorative finish provided a fine textured, highly weather-resistant and durable surface.

Pupils now enjoy greatly improved classroom facilities and a fresh, bright and vibrant exterior colour scheme.

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