Middlegate Estate - Great Yarmouth

EWI was specified for the thermal and aesthetic upgrade of ground floor apartments in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. A combination of apartments and duplexes on the Middlegate Estate are of unique construction, consisting of filled cavity on the first and second floors but solid wall construction to the ground floor.

Weber External Wall Insulation (EWI) has been integrated into the existing build not only to achieve attractive aesthetics but, most importantly, to improve the thermal performance of the properties for the benefit of the tenants of 192 ground floor dwellings which were proving difficult to heat.

Client Great Yarmouth Borough Council contracted the upgrade work to Network Weber recommended applicator Aran Services Limited, providers of thermal upgrade services throughout East Anglia and the Home Counties, to carry out this CESP funded project. BBA certificated and Energy Saving Trust (EST) recommended webertherm XM EWI is a thin coat insulated render system with a silicone enhanced, textured finish. 

This versatile system can incorporate all major insulation types and super-efficient grey expanded polystyrene (EPS) has been used in this application.  The insulation panels are mechanically fixed to the sound brick substrate followed by a first application of 3mm weberend LAC.  Meshcloth reinforcement is applied and encapsulated in a further coat of render to form a 6mm total coat.  When dry the surface is primed with weber PR310, a pigmented primer, followed by webersil TF150, a silicone based, through-coloured, textured finish which provides a highly weather resistant, vapour permeable surface.  Available in a wide range of colours, Cream was chosen to match the original paint colours found on some parts of the estate.

Weber calculated the target thermal performance of this application, improving the U-value from 2.13 W/m²K to 0.30 W/m²K.  This, together with the attractive aesthetics of the local environment, has been welcomed by the Borough Council and its tenants. One of the many challenges faced on this project was the timber and metal fencing surrounding the apartments, as well as brick walls which have been removed and rebuilt to reduce cold bridging, an important consideration in this coastal location. Through fare underpass soffits were included in the insulation works to benefit the first floor apartments suffering heat loss through their un-insulated floors.

Peter Bunn, maintenance and improvement manager, Great Yarmouth Community Housing, reports: “The works were carried out to a high standard and a tight programme.  It is already bringing benefits to the tenants by increasing thermal comfort, overcoming problem condensation and contributing to reduced energy consumption and costs.” The additional challenge was that of time scale due to the restrictions of the funding offer.  Poor weather during summer 2012 hampered progress but the three-month project was completed on time and to the total satisfaction of the Borough Council.  Workmanship was monitored daily and good relations between tenants and service providers were maintained throughout.  It is Great Yarmouth Borough Council’s aim to insulate all solid wall properties by 2016.

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