Mixenden - Yorkshire

Weber is sole supplier of the award-winning webertherm External Wall Insulation (EWI) being installed in the thermal makeover programme of properties in Calderdale, Yorkshire.

The 1,000-home Mixenden project is being managed by Pennine Housing, part of Together Housing Group, which is collectively responsible for 35,000 homes in the North of England.

These 1950/60s homes, consisting of high and low rise non-traditional housing types such as Airey, No Fines and Trusteel constructions, are receiving a 'whole house' approach to their thermal recovery. Work being carried out by main contractor Wates Living Space (East) includes a package of measures relevant to the construction type, including new boilers to replace electric storage heaters, double glazed windows and doors, draught proofing and loft top-ups. In addition, the application of webertherm XM EWI is contributing to the energy efficiency of these homes while simultaneously transforming the external aesthetics of the housing stock. The project has been part Community Energy Savings Programme (CESP) funded in partnership with energy supplier Npower. 

BBA certificated webertherm EWI is a versatile system applied to the exterior walls of hard to treat properties. Solid wall constructions, that typically do not have a cavity wall, can lose up to 45% of their heat through un-insulated walls. Wrapping the property, whether low or high rise, new or refurbished, in webertherm EWI provides an insulated weatherproof barrier that keeps heat loss to a minimum, reduces energy consumption, and helps to control carbon emissions. 

Weber has also utilised in-house technical expertise to prepare target U-values for the Mixenden properties which have improved the poorest U-value of 2.15 W/m²K to a very comfortable 0.29 W/m²k. 

webertherm EWI can be used with all major types of insulation in a range of thicknesses, including the recently introduced super-efficient lower lambda grey EPS board. The system is available in a wide palette of colours and in all varieties of low maintenance, hard wearing, decorative finishes, including synthetic renders and scraped render finishes for a truly inspirational transformation. At Mixenden extensive use of Dry Dash decorative aggregates has been used due to the excellent hard wearing characteristics, proven longevity and very low maintenance of the finish. The Trusteel properties here are receiving the attractive weberend RB system which achieves a convincing, multi-layer, brick-effect finish at a fraction of the cost of traditional brick, adding colour and texture to these rejuvenated buildings. 

The webertherm XM EWI system has been BBA certificated for 21 years, is fully compliant with current Building Regulations' and is Energy Saving Trust accredited.

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