asra Housing Group - Leicester

Managed by asra Housing Group, 175 Victorian solid wall properties in selected areas of Leicester were treated to a whole house upgrade to improve thermal performance. 

The webertherm XM EWI system with weberend RB was specified and achieved striking results, producing a superb brick look-alike finish in just a fraction of the time and cost of full brickwork cladding.

weberend RB is the combination of two polymer modified mortars used in conjunction to create an authentic brickwork pattern transforming both the aesthetics and thermal efficiency of solid wall housing in this area. weberend RB base coat was applied to create a surface which acts as the 'mortar' joint, when taken-up the face coat is applied and stippled with a soft bristle brush to give the brick surface effect finish. The brick pattern is achieved by cutting through the weberend RB face coat to expose the contrasting weberend RB base render. Any brick laying pattern can be achieved including conventional cavity layout as well as header and stretcher bonding of traditional solid walls.

Correctly applied this system is often mistaken for high quality bricklaying, even by an experienced tradesman. Eight colours of face render are available, allowing clients to replicate almost any brick and mortar combination which is important when matching with existing properties, and in this case selected walls on the same property. In these homes the target U-value using 90mm of encapsulated polystyrene insulation board was 0.30 W/m²K, a significant improvement from the original which in some cases was in excess of 2.1 W/m²K.

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