Envisage Group Studios, Coventry

A striking new studio complex has been built in Coventry for the Envisage Group, an international design & engineering organisation.  This new facility provides the ultimate style for aspirational product development testing under clinical appraisal conditions.

Brilliantly illuminated, air-conditioned and totally functional, these studios require perfectly level floors to match the precisely positioned chassis bed-plates installed to carry the car, styling buck or interior trim pack. Saint-Gobain Weber’s rapid drying floor screed system has been used extensively in the establishment of these new, state-of-the-art facilities.

The new premises for Envisage Group have been created on a fast-track schedule which required rapid attention to the studio flooring immediately after the chassis-plates had been installed. Paul Sant of Zenith Polar Flooring Services of Coventry was on standby and had his team on site immediately. The three main studio areas amount to 650m² of floor space. Thorough preparation is a requirement including mechanical grinding of high-spots; lowering of any metal anchor points; removal of all loose surface material and a final deep clean. The surface is then treated with a brushed coat application of weberfloor 4716 primer. This is a styrene acrylate dispersion primer that bonds into the existing flooring substrate to enhance the bond of the rapid drying screed which follows.

The weberfloor 4655 industry flow rapid screed was pumped to deliver full volume material as quickly as possible. This self-levelling industrial flooring screed is designed to provide a hard wearing, durable floor where traffic abrasion is highest.  It is suitable as a surface layer on industrial flooring. Application is up to ten times faster than traditional screeds and the rapid drying properties enable forklift movement or resin colour finishes to be applied with minimal downtime. At the Envisage studios great accuracy was required to ensure that the main floor surface ran exactly level with that of the chassis-plates installation so that vehicles on chassis trolleys moved smoothly into place. Envisage chose to have a resin colour finish applied over the screed surface to add additional low light reflection. The size of these studios and the vast, smooth floor adds drama to the facilities.

weberfloor 4655 industry flow rapid is supplied as a pre-blended, dry powder for application at a thickness of between 4–15mm. The benefits of a rapid drying levelling layer make it suitable for the application of epoxy or polyurethane coatings on both new and existing concrete in new-build and refurbishment projects. It can be used to level and smooth a wide range of substrates including in-situ and pre-cast concrete.

Weber flooring systems are designed to provide fast, effective industrial strength flooring solutions and the studios at Envisage Group’s new facility in Coventry are testament to the attributes of these products.

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