Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 Tunnels

The high specification and robust industrial flooring screed weberfloor 4610 industry top has been specified in the construction of below-ground access and service tunnels at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5. 

The completed project enables British Airways to consolidate its entire Heathrow fleet operation into a world-class facility on one site. The main terminal is constructed over eight storeys, five above ground and three below, and is served by two satellite buildings, Terminal 5B and Terminal 5C.

Two air-side access tunnels (North and South) which are both over 400 metres long and 8 metres wide connect the new Satellite B and Satellite C buildings and go onward to the main T5A terminal. Their primary use is for the vehicular transport of disabled passengers and the movement of baggage between buildings.

The system proposed by The Progressive Group was to install a heavy duty base screed topped with a high-strength industrial liquid levelling screed. This was technically supported with weberfloor 4610 industry top as the finish screed and achieved a durable, attractive and very hard wearing surface. It is a standard drying screed and can be applied in thicknesses of 4 - 15mm and has high compressive and flexural strength. weberfloor 4610 industry top can take foot traffic within 2 - 4 hours of application and is fully cured after 7 days.

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