Woolley GMC Engineering, Coventry

Saint-Gobain Weber industrial and commercial flooring products, designed for speed of application and premium performance, have been used in a major renovation project at Woolley GMC Engineering in Coventry.

This British engineering company’s trading success required a rapid factory facility renovation.  weberfloor 4655 industry flow rapid industrial screed is responsible for the ultra-fast recovery of the flooring and the creation of a hard wearing safety roadway for fork lift truck operations.

Woolley GMC Engineering is a production and prototype engineering company specialising in the machining of heavy castings and forgings for OEM companies in the diesel engine, construction plant, agricultural and architectural ironwork sectors.  Their recent business success required the rapid assembly of additional capacity, necessitating substantial capital investment to bring a new plant on-line quickly.  In securing and clearing a redundant factory facility, the renovation programme included the complete repair of the exhausted floors. The removal of previous machine installations left a poor and damaged floor and the revised layout required new and level surfaces, as well as safety roadways, to meet current standards of efficiency and safety.

Zenith Polar Flooring Services of Coventry was appointed to handle the renovation and deliver the safety flooring. Paul Sant of Zenith, who had worked at the factory some years before, was quickly able to determine that use of weberfloor products would deliver the required result. “Clearing damaged surfaces takes hard work and time but thorough preparation is essential for a successful finish.  A coat of weberfloor 4716 primer was used to seal the base before we applied the weberfloor 4655 industry flow rapid screed for the safety roadway. This is a rapid drying screed and resin base that can take foot traffic in two hours and the final epoxy sealer within 24 hours,” reports Paul.

weberfloor 4716 primer is a styrene acrylate dispersion primer for preparing most building substrates and is used prior to applying the weberfloor 4655 industry flow rapid screed.  It is specially formulated to increase bond strength, reduce pin-holing and increase the flow of the weberfloor screeds making it easier to achieve a perfect floor finish.

The Woolley Engineering facility was quickly operational, with new multi-station machining lines rapidly installed, and the 100m² of safety roadways also quickly in operation.

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