Miss marks

To achieve a consistent colour and texture with a scraped render it is imperative that all the cement rich laitance is removed uniformly. This part of the finishing process is typically done between 5 and 16 hours after application dependent on the time of year and weather conditions.

The surface should be scraped with a circular action keeping the scraper flat and under even pressure to avoid scoring the finished surface, it is imperative that all cement rich skin/laitance is removed uniformly during this scraping process. We would encourage the use of an I section rule to assist with finished alignment. Any misses in scraping will result in an inconsistent finish in the render. Typically they will show as light patches and are smoother with little or no texture. This is a workmanship issue and can be avoided by adopting a good practice of brushing down the area to identify any miss marks; these can then be rectified before the render dries.

Remedial advice 

Remove the hard laitance with a carborundum stone or saw blade and then paint over with webersil P - a high performance mineral paint that gives exceptional long term durability and performance. It is anticipated that the use of this product will not detract from the low maintenance benefits of the weberpral monocouche render. Providing that the monocouche render is clean, dry and sound, a direct application of the webersil P is appropriate. The first coat of webersil P should be diluted with between 10% and 15% clean water and the paint then applied with a medium pile wool paint roller. When the first coat is dry, 24 hours later a second coat is applied, this coat should be undiluted. The application should be in a crisscross pattern ensuring that the paint is applied evenly minimising any effect on the scraped texture of the monocouche render.

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