New contractor selection criteria

Weber policy is to work through contractors who are classified into two categories: Recognised and Recommended for activities related to external wall insulation, renders and flooring.

The two tiers reflect: 

  • Industry knowledge
  • Installation experience and capabilities
  • Technical competence
  • Corporate criteria
  • Commitment to Weber 
  • Strategic importance 

The introduction and appointment of a new contractor is instigated and undertaken by the regional Weber area sales manager and applications manager. The process involves meeting with the proposed contractor to collect information and the development of a training portfolio as required.

At this initial meeting Weber will demonstrate the services that can be provided to support the new contractor including:

Technical support

  • Specifications
  • Drawings
  • U-value calculations
  • Project information packs (PIP)



  • System training
  • Upskilling
  • Surveyor and supervisor training
  • National vocational qualification (NVQ)
  • Site competency assessment process


Site services

  • Practical assistance
  • Project management
  • Site checks
  • Best practice advice


Weber will also outline to the new contractor the Weber contractor policy including any requirements to attend training at the Saint-Gobain Technical Academy, the necessary commitment to develop skill bases within the business, and the need for skills to install complete systems. 

Once this process in complete the Weber national applications manager will write to the contractor confirming their appointment as a Weber Recognised Contractor.

Recognised Contractors employ operatives with the relevant trade skills. Their business details are kept on file by Weber. To ensure their status they must fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Existing operator in relevant industry
  • Attends training at Saint-Gobain Technical Academy 
  • Commitment to develop skill base within the business
  • Expresses an interest to develop services through Weber contractor's hierarchy
  • Demonstrable training plan in place

Recommended Contractors operate in the relevant field of specialist activity and are nominated for projects to clients and specifiers and must fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Successfully completed a minimum of six projects using Weber products 
  • Demonstrate a proactive approach to best practice
  • Achieve required installation standard consistently
  • Strong health and safety culture within the business
  • Financially secure
  • Evidence of reciprocal business development and lead sharing activities ongoing 
  • Beneficiary of Weber leads process
  • Technically competent to specify work and provide advice on system selection with Weber
  • Willing to accept site inspections and audits of work 
  • Send new operatives on training courses 
  • Competent in modern methods of application (ie. pumps)
  • Understand Weber ordering processes and lead times

The Weber national applications manager will send new successful Recommended Contractors a standard letter confirming the appointment. 

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