NEW green grant gives homeowners funds for external wall insulation systems


Green grant for external wall insulation

The government-issued vouchers can be put towards measures such as external wall insulation (EWI) systems, which help to make your home more energy efficient.

As much as 33% of the heat generated in a home is lost through uninsulated walls, but with a Green Homes Grant put towards EWI this percentage could be drastically reduced.

An EWI system also cuts down on heating bills, with reductions of up to £800 on annual costs according to research by the Energy Saving Trust.

The fund – which is due to open for applications in September – will see around 600,000 homeowners across England access vouchers for up to two thirds of the cost of eco-friendly upgrades, capped at £5,000.

Low income households will be eligible for vouchers of up to £10,000, which will cover up to 100% of the cost of the work.

Unlike the previous green deal, there won’t be any financing or instalments to be paid.

Applicants will be able to seek advice from the Simple Energy Advice service, who are there to advise on how to make your home warmer and greener, and who will suggest home improvements which are best suited to each individual property.

In order to qualify as an installer for the scheme, tradespeople must have TrustMark accreditation, which the UK government has said it will put “quality assurance at the heart” of the new green scheme.

TrustMark is a government-endorsed scheme, which will give homeowners peace of mind knowing that any renovations to their property are being carried out by a qualified installer.

Anyone looking to apply for the vouchers will be able to choose from a list of approved TrustMark installers in their area who will be eligible to carry out the work.

The first vouchers are expected to be issued from the end of September; and the scheme is due to run until March 2021.

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