NHBC Accepts weberwall brick

As part of our continuing testing and certification for weberwall brick we’re pleased to announce that it has recently received NHBC Accepts status as an innovative product - part of the weberend MT system

Innovative products and systems

NHBC Accepts is a comprehensive review service for innovative products and systems. It is the fast-track route for acceptance of products and systems for use in homes covered by all NHBC warranty and insurance policies, equivalent to around 70-80% of the new homes built in the UK each year.

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Kelvin Green, Senior Product Marketing Manager, said:

“As part of our continuing testing and certification of weberwall brick we are very pleased that it has been given a seal of approval for NHBC Accepts and hope that this will provide further confidence in our system to our customers and the wider industry.”

Specify with confidence

This is in addition to our existing third-party testing and certification in the form of BBA certification (Certificate number 20/5790) giving house builders confidence when selecting and specifying weberwall brick.

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