Overboarding with plywood using weberset rapid SPF

When overboarding with plywood using weberset rapid SPF, refer to the following advice: 

For small floors with no noticeable deflection 9mm WBP plywood or suitable tile backer board can be used for overboarding. This will provide a smooth surface that is easier to tile than floorboards or chipboard.  If there is some limited deflection and the rigidity of the floor needs to be improved, a minimum of 15mm WBP plywood or equivalent tile backer board should be used as per BS 5385-3:2007 clause ‘Existing Timber Bases’. Prime the backs and edges of plywood with weber PR360. Lay the boards so that they do not coincide with the joints in the existing timber and leave slight gaps between the board and at the perimeter for expansion. Screw the plywood or tile backer board to the floor boards every 200-300mm. Fill the gaps between boards and the perimeter with weberjoint silicone sealant. If there is still noticeable movement in the floor, another layer of plywood or tile backer board may be needed.

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