Redrow Heritage

Monocouche renders are designed and tested for use onto a suitably designed and prepared masonry substrate. In the case of the Redrow Heritage properties we understand that in some cases, there are small isolated areas constructed from a timber frame.

The design detail shows these elements with a rendered finish in keeping with the main wall facades, thus as a spray roughcast finish. From a practical perspective we foresee no issues installing the system. From a performance consideration there are potential risks in regard to the board joints reflecting with minor fissures, thermal movement of the construction is likely to be the main driver to this effect.

To minimise we would recommend the following: 

  • The framework should be as rigid and sufficiently braced as practically feasible.
  • The substrate board should be one of the approved types, see below for tested boards.
  • Board joints should be reduced, thus full boards should be used to avoid as many cuts or joints as possible.
  • Apply 2mm of weberend LAC evenly across the board joints in a 150mm strip, bed in 100mm strip of weber standard meshcloth into the fresh material. Immediately following on, lay over a further 3mm of weberend LAC to the full panel. Embed the weber standard meshcloth fully across the panel with the recommended overlaps. Ensure full encapsulation by troweling the weberend LAC over the mesh. Leave with a deep horizontal scratch to form a suitable key.
  • Cure for a minimum period of 3 days.
  • Apply a blinding pass of 5mm of weberpral M. Directly after onto the freshly applied layer, spray on the texture pass of weberpral M to achieve the heritage texture.

Note: This advice is only applicable to a maximum panel size of 10m² suitable only for spray roughcast, it is imperative that the full system is isolated away from all other building components by forming a gap 5 to 7mm at all junctions.

Accepted boards:

  • Bluclad—Siniat
  • Renderboard –Euroform
  • Aquapanel Exterior—Knauf

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