Barratt Homes, Culloden West


As one of the northernmost points of the British Isles, Inverness can be a place of weather extremes. With sun, rain and snow, it’s said people can experience all four seasons in one day. The changeable Inverness weather is all part of the Highland experience but it means durability is an important consideration when building homes in the area.

Durable dash finish gives added protection for new homes

The 168-home Culloden West development by Barratt Homes needed an attractive and durable finish for homes that would deliver added protection from the elements.

Culloden West is a new community surrounded by stunning countryside and views of the Moray Firth, renowned for its resident population of dolphins and just an eight-minute drive into Inverness.

While dash – or harling to use its local name - is commonly used to give an extra layer of protection in areas of high exposure, traditional multi-coat dashing products typically take up to seven days to cure. This slows the housebuilding process and increases the cost.

After researching properties in the local area, Kevin Urquhart, construction director for the north at Barratt Homes, was impressed with the “standout” finish of some new homes. Further investigation revealed they had been finished with Saint-Gobain Weber’s weberend one coat dash.

He approached Weber to discuss the product and its benefits: speed, consistency and ease of application. After verifying the claims of faster application and versatility with applicators who had first-hand experience of using the product, he decided to use it for the first time at Culloden West to reduce the building programme by approximately two days per plot.

Maclean Plastering was appointed to carry out the plastering and apply a dry dash finish to the new-build homes. Having used many Weber products in the past, founder and owner Steve Maclean was keen to use Weber’s weberend one coat dash.

Works began on the Culloden West site in July 2019 and the development will be completed by March 2023.

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