Technical Mortars — Bedding Mortars

Our range of bedding mortars are ideal for highly technical, time-sensitive situations such as emergency concrete road repair, or the bedding and fixing of airport lighting bases. The Weber range offers products suitable for a range of requirements, and can provide you with a product which is: 

  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Standard grade or fast setting 
  • Suitable for dry pack installations 
  • Suitable for application without a primer 
  • Durable and chemically-resistant 
  • Suitable for application to range of substrates (including concrete, asphalt and stone)

Weber bedding mortar mixes are ideal for both small and large scale repairs, and for application in areas which require high performance products, such as parking decks and ramps, or slipways to coastal areas. As these are highly technical products, applied in situations which require a high level of precision, we recommend reading the datasheet thoroughly of any Weber product before using, or alternatively, getting in touch with your local Weber representative

Use the bedding mortar calculator on each product page to find out how much you need depending on the size of your job.

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