External Wall Insulation Systems

Weber External Wall Insulation (EWI — sometimes referred to as ETICS or EIFS) systems can simplify wall construction in the new build sector or extend the life of existing buildings by providing thermal insulation to keep the old structure warm and stable.

The wide range of finishes available allows you to achieve a low maintenance, attractive and weather-resistant finish in a number of colours and textures. With external insulation systems compatible various finishes including brick effect, synthetic render and paint finishes, or even pebble dash, a Weber EWI system can improve your home both thermally and aesthetically.

Weber pride themselves on offering a comprehensive technical and applications support to clients, specifiers and contractors, including:

  • Full specification service, to NBS standards, providing advice on the appropriate system to use, including all necessary components and render finishes.
  • U-value and condensation risk calculations to assess the thickness and type of insulation required and to give the assurance that the risk of interstitial condensation is eliminated.
  • Site Application Guide, full documentation outlining all stages in the installation of the relevant webertherm EWI system for use by installer, main contractors and clerk of works.
  • On-site inspections – regular visits by qualified Weber staff at key stages in the installation process to ensure work is carried out to specification.

Weber provides 10 year materials guarantee on all products, a joint materials and workmanship guarantee can also be arranged in conjunction with the installer. Example of Materials and Workmanship Guarantee and System Specification Agreement can be found here…

Materials and Workmanship Guarantee

System Specification Agreement

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EWI Render Finishes

External Wall Insulation Systems

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