Technical Mortars — Precision Grouting

Concrete works and civil engineering projects require a high level of precision and durability. Weber's range of high performance precision grouting products can fulfill this requirement. We have products which are suitable for encapsulating communication cables and filling cable slots, general void filling, underpinning and more. Each project has a unique set of requirements, which Weber can help to meet. 

Depending on the demands of the job, we can offer products which are: 

  • Standard or fast setting 
  • Have negligible shrinkage or are shrinkage compensated 
  • Semi-flexible 
  • Capable of withstanding high dynamic loads 
  • Suitable for use in a range of temperatures and conditions — including in some cases, in temperatures as low as 0°C
  • Versatile and can be used for a range of purposes 

Whether you need a cost-efficient solution, or are in need of a product which can be dry packed as well as pumped, we can help. If you'd like more information about a specific product, consult the literature on the product page or get in touch with your local Weber representative.

Click Compare to help you choose the right product for your project, if you need further assistance please email