Technical Mortars — Structural Strengthening

Our structural strengthening range of products can be used to form our webertec force composite strengthening system. The system includes: 

  • Primer — to seal and stabilise prepared surfaces prior to bonding fibre sheets
  • Bonding adhesives — to structurally adhere fibre sheets to the substrate and transfer all loads into the fibre composite 
  • Carbon, aramid and glass sheets, and carbon plate — for use in a variety of situations to offer structural strengthening capabilities

Weber's system is suitable for use in accordance with Concrete Society Technical Report 55 Design Guidance for Strengthening Concrete Structures, and can be used to reinforce columns, beams, chimneys, silos, tunnels, bridge piers, towers and blast walls — depending on the chosen fibre sheet. With corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and impact-resistant products as part of the range, Weber structural strengthening products are the ideal choice. As with any product which is specified or in use in as part of a concrete works solution, we strongly recommend you consult the product datasheet before use, or get in touch with your local Weber representative

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