Tile Fixing Products 

With our preparation products, tile adhesive and grout, and silicone sealant, Weber provides an entire tiling solution: 

  • Self-smoothing floor levelling compound — suitable for a range of application depths 
  • Primer — for the preparation of most substrates prior to the application of tile adhesives
  • Under tile tanking membrane — to protect water-sensitive substrates from exposure to water
  • Ready mix tile adhesives — for use in smaller areas which are not exposed to high levels of moisture
  • Cement based tile adhesives — for use in both internal and external areas, where higher levels of moisture are present
  • Grout and silicone sealant — suited to a number of requirements and available in a range of colours to finish the job 

Our products have been formulated with new technologies to ensure the very best for your project from start to finish.

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Tile Fixing Preparation Products

Fix (Ready Mix Tile Adhesives)

Set (Cement Based Tile Adhesives)

Joint (Tile Grouts)

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