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Monocouche Render

weberpral monocouche render is a cementitious, weather resistant render, suitable for most types of brick or blockwork. The through-colour and one coat features allow fast application with shorter programme periods, thereby reducing associated scaffolding and site costs and permitting the earlier completion of ground works. This advanced technology enables a one-coat application to full BS EN 13914 standard thickness with areas often applied and finished within the same day.

Aimed primarily at those using monocouche materials for the first time, this course explores the fundamental basics of good rendering practice along with the application and finishing techniques associated with this product. The one day course includes both theoretical and practical activity. Practical machine application techniques are included as part of the course.

Typical course content:

  • Introduction to Monocouche
  • Typical substrates and preparation required
  • Application process
  • Practical - machine & hand application
  • Scrape and dry-dash finish, ashlar detailing

Modern Render Systems

Rejuvenate existing buildings or provide a high quality finish for new build projects with a durable weather resistant surface. The Weber range of Renders and Decorative Finishes offers fast application onto a variety of substrates and includes traditional finishes and advanced flexible coatings.

weberend MT - A render system suitable for application to render substrate boards as part of a steel or timber framed construction or with the addition of a levelling render coat onto masonry. This course introduces the meshcloth reinforced render system which is finished with a textured synthetic coating.

weberend OCR & Decorative Finishes - Modern alternative to site mix, pre-blended, one coat base render saves time and money on site. The course explores the fundamentals of good rendering practice along with the application of various decorative finishes available.

Typical course content:

External Wall Insulation

Increasingly popular as the technically superior method of achieving ever more stringent insulation requirements, External Wall Insulation (EWI) has a wide range of possible insulants, systems and finishes. The course is suitable for applicators, estimators and surveyors.

webertherm XM
Lightweight EWI system incorporating thin-coat polymer render and mesh cloth reinforcement, providing efficient thermal insulation for refurbishment and new build projects. Comprehensive range of colours and textures enable the creation of striking visual effects. This course is suited to entry level applicators.

Courses for other webertherm EWI systems can be arranged on request including...
webertherm XP - one-coat through-coloured cementitious system
webertherm XB - system featuring real brick slips for an authentic brick finish
webertherm FT - rail system to provide cavity when using EWI with single skin or frame construction

Typical course content:

  • What is EWI & why do we need it
  • Breaking the system down
  • Preparation
  • Practical - Boarding
  • Practical - Base Render
  • Practical - Finishes
  • Additional Detailing

Course dates

Tuesday 3rd - External Wall Insulation (EWI)  (webertherm XM)
Thursday 5th - Monocouche Render (weberpral)
Thursday 19th - Modern Renders (weberend OCRweberend MT and decorative finishes)
Tuesday 24th - Monocouche Render (weberpral)

Tuesday 1st - External Wall Insulation (EWI)  (webertherm XM)
Thursday 3rd - Monocouche Render (weberpral)
Thursday 17th - Modern Renders (weberend OCRweberend MT and decorative finishes)
Tuesday 22nd - Monocouche Render (weberpral)
Tuesday 29th - External Wall Insulation (EWI)  (webertherm XM)
Thursday 31st - Monocouche Render (weberpral)

Thursday 14th - Modern Renders (weberend OCRweberend MT and decorative finishes)
Tuesday 19th - Monocouche Render (weberpral)
Tuesday 26th - External Wall Insulation (EWI)  (webertherm XM)
Thursday 28th - Monocouche Render (weberpral)

Thursday 12th - Modern Renders (weberend OCRweberend MT and decorative finishes)

Tuesday 7th January - Monocouche Render (weberpral)
Thursday 16th January - Monocouche Render (weberpral)
Tuesday 28th January - External Wall Insulation (EWI)  (webertherm XM)
Thursday 30th January - Monocouche Render (weberpral)

Tuesday 4th February - Modern Renders (weberend OCRweberend MT and decorative finishes)
Thursday 13th February - Monocouche Render (weberpral)
Tuesday 25th February - Monocouche Render (weberpral)

Tuesday 3rd March - External Wall Insulation (EWI)  (webertherm XM)
Thursday 5th March - Monocouche Render (weberpral)
Thursday 12th March - Modern Renders (weberend OCRweberend MT and decorative finishes)
Tuesday 24th March - Monocouche Render (weberpral)

Thursday 2nd April - Monocouche Render (weberpral)

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