Green Grant Training Options

An estimated seven million homes in the UK have been built with solid walls which are not as energy efficient as those with cavity wall insulation. In order to tackle these under the Government's Green Homes Grant Scheme, there will be an increased demand for specialist external wall insulation companies and installers to upgrade existing homes.

However, there are strict requirements and building standards in place to access this market. Companies and their workers must demonstrate competence  in surveying and installation techniques.

Under the current Green Homes Grant scheme, installers must have PAS2030 (or PAS2035) certification, as these are the current standards which apply to the installation of energy efficient measures such as external wall insulation systems. Installers must also be TrustMark registered.

In order to achieve PAS2030/35 companies must demonstrate that a high proportion of their operative have proven competence in the installation of relevant measures such as EWI. This competence must be proven through qualifications (such as NVQs) and personal identification cards issued by specific system designers.

Weber has over 30 years’ experience in EWI training and now offers a range of courses suitable for candidates with a variety of existing construction industry skills and knowledge.

Training options

Surveyor training

To become a Trustmark registered surveyor, we provide a comprehensive course to meet these requirements. In order to be PAS2030 compliant, each project should be overseen by a Retrofit Lead Professional. The Weber EWI Surveyor training course is designed to provide all the relevant information needed to oversee installation of one of our EWI systems such as:

  • How to design and detail the system within our specifications
  • Overseeing installation, maintenance and aftercare

The course is supported by a Surveyor Pack including survey forms, guides for fixing and detailing, information about system components, installation and aftercare.

Installer training

We also offer a course aimed specifically at EWI installers. This is an intensive course covering both the practical and theoretical aspects of a complete system install. The aim of this course is to cultivate an understanding of the system from start to finish, from substrate preparation right through to façade finish options. The course will cover:

  • Substrate preparation
  • Best practices
  • Weber systems such as webertherm XM, webertherm XP and weberwall brick

These practical courses are mapped and delivered in line with vocational qualification and can be used as evidence towards NVQ in EWI.

Weber cards

Included in PAS2030 for installers of EWI is the requirement for operatives to hold a personalised system designer card – this is gained through training and assessment in various application and system types. Both course types are supported by attendance certification once a competency assessment has been carried out.

Our team of Application Managers are qualified to assess operatives on-site in the application of Weber systems. Once this assessment has been carried out, cards are issued which contain the operatives personal details, along with the type of application and system which have been successfully assessed, and a card review date.  

Our training courses and carding process will contribute towards installers achieving and maintaining their PAS 2030 Certification status for EWI measures under the Green Homes Grant scheme. In addition to operatives, installers of EWI must also employ surveyors competent in the correct specification and application of EWI systems for different types of buildings – including non-traditional construction types. Completion of a competency measure in Surveying can lead to a Weber Surveyor Competency Card. 

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