webercem conspray

webercem conspray

webercem conspray is a ready-to-use, cement-based concrete mix. It contains inert graded aggregates and dust suppressants. The formulation has been designed for dry process spray application to give rapid throughput, reduced rebound and to maximise application thickness.

Meets the requirements of BS EN 1504-3.


  • 25kg

About this product

  • Repairs to large areas of concrete
  • Rock and embankment stabilisation
  • General infilling
  • Repairs of sea walls
  • Spraying of mine shafts and tunnels
  • Bridge abutment build-up
  • Tunnel linings and masonry arches
  • Diaphragm wall lining

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Features and benefits

  • Single component- ready to use
  • Contains 5mm inert coarse graded aggregate
  • Fast throughput on large volume reinstatement jobs: over 5 tonnes per hour
  • Economical - low rebound, less wastage of materials and labour (rebound levels of about 10% on vertical faces can be achieved by experienced nozzle operatives using well adjusted equipment)
  • Safe to use and handle. Relatively low dust emission, no caustic accelerators
  • High-build - up to 300mm thickness can be applied in one pass on vertical faces
  • Good adhesion to well prepared concrete
  • Better ultimate strength than sitemixed gunite and many general purpose products

Things to consider

Do not apply...

  • If frost is forecast within 24 hours of use
  • In temperatures below 5°C or above 30°C
Weber United Kingdom
Technical Mortars Solutions

Meadfoot Seawall, Torquay

Weber’s specialist construction concrete products have been specified to facilitate the major repair below the tidal level at Meadfoot seawall, Torquay, Devon.

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