webercem five star repair concrete

Five Star Repair Concrete from Saint-Gobain Weber


  • 25kg

A preblended cementitious repair concrete which complies with the Highways England Specification for Highway Works white book Series 1700 Structural Concrete. 

Conformity testing to BS EN 1504-3 has confirmed that webercem five star repair concrete meets the requirements for a Class R4 repair product.



webercem five star repair concrete is suitable for:

  • Replacement of concrete to beams and crossheads
  • Repair of car parks and buildings not subject to fire regulations
  • Coastal structural repairs and seawall reconstruction
  • Repairing concrete columns, beams, walls and soffits
  • For use under baseplates where thick sections are required to be grouted: 75 to 500mm

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Case studies

Millennium Bridge, London
Technical Mortars Solutions

Millennium Bridge, London

The instantly recognisable and much loved Millennium bridge was one of the first highly innovative Jubilee celebration projects. Despite the additional loads its initial commissioning troubles placed ...

Allington Sluice Lock Gate, River Medway, Kent
Technical Mortars Solutions

Allington Sluice Lock Gate, River Medway, Kent

Ageing river sluice facility on the River Medway in Kent required the technical attributes of our webercem five star repair concrete and webercem HB30 mortar

The Swarm – Thorpe Park
Technical Mortars Solutions

The Swarm, Thorpe Park, Surrey

Thorpe Park's new theme park ride, The Swarm has a dynamic load of 28-rider trains travelling at up to 100km per hour, on 1000 tonnes of track over a distance of 775m (2,543 ft), is supported with ...

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