webercem five star repair concrete CP

Five Star Repair Concrete CP

A preblended cementitious repair concrete which fully complies with the Highways England Specification for Highway Works Class 29F high-strength flowing concrete. Contains non-reactive aggregates and a low soluble-alkali cement content suitable for use where cathodic protection will subsequently be used.

Conformity testing to BS EN 1504-3 has confirmed that webercem five star repair concrete CP meets the requirements for a Class R4 repair product.


  • 25kg

About this product

webercem five star repair concrete CP is suitable for:

  • Repair of concrete to bridge structures to HE specification
  • In conjunction with electro-chemical cathodic protection systems
  • Replacement of defective concrete to beams and crossheads
  • Repair of car parks and buildings not subject to fire regulations
  • Coastal structural repairs to jetties and piers
  • Repairing concrete columns, beams, walls and soffits

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Features and benefits

  • Excellent electrical resistivity for cathodic protection systems
  • Rapid strength development thus reducing repair possession times
  • Dimensionally stable, forms an integral bond to existing concrete and restores structural integrity with proven durability
  • Economical repair
  • Variable application thickness providing flexibility of use
  • Contains OPC and GGBS to clause 1702, 5 mm non-reactive carboniferous limestone to clause 1704, superplasticiser and shrinkage compensating agents
  • Does not contain microsilica
  • Total water-soluble sulphate content of concrete, SO3, does not exceed 4%, complies with HE specification
  • Complies with HE specification for use on highway structures
  • Free-flowing recasting concrete allowing use in areas of congested reinforcement
  • Class 4 repair product meeting the requirements of BS EN 1504-3

Things to consider

  • Do not apply if frost is forecast within 24 hours of use
  • Do not apply in temperatures below 5°C or above 30°C
  • When stored unopened in a dry place at temperatures above 5°C, shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture, 6 months for Highways.
Braefoot Jetty – Fife, Scotland
Technical Mortars Solutions

Braefoot Jetty - Fife, Scotland

Specialist, high performance concrete repair products by Weber were used in the repair and protection of the Braefoot Marine Terminal west jetty in Fife

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