webercem five star repair concrete CP

webercem five star repair concrete CP


  • 25kg

A preblended cementitious repair concrete which fully complies with the Highways England Specification for Highway Works Class 29F high-strength flowing concrete. Contains non-reactive aggregates and a low soluble-alkali cement content suitable for use where cathodic protection will subsequently be used.

Conformity testing to BS EN 1504-3 has confirmed that webercem five star repair concrete CP meets the requirements for a Class R4 repair product.

Suitable for:

Wall, Floor

webercem five star repair concrete CP is suitable for:

  • Repair of concrete to bridge structures to HE specification
  • In conjunction with electro-chemical cathodic protection systems
  • Replacement of defective concrete to beams and crossheads
  • Repair of car parks and buildings
  • Coastal structural repairs to jetties and piers
  • Repairing concrete columns, beams, walls and soffits

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Braefoot Jetty – Fife, Scotland
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Braefoot Jetty - Fife, Scotland

Specialist, high performance concrete repair products by Weber were used in the repair and protection of the Braefoot Marine Terminal west jetty in Fife

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