webercem keycoat

webercem keycoat

webercem keycoat is a single component polymer-modified cementitious bonding aid. It requires only the addition of clean water to produce a bonding slurry for webercem mortar.

This product has been formulated to comply with the requirements of BS EN 1504-3.


  • 25kg

About this product

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Unfortunately there is no consumption calculator currently available for this product, this may be due to complexities estimating how much product you may need. Please consult the Technical Datasheet which can be downloaded below or contact

Features and benefits

  • High initial grab to improve the build of the repair mortar and promote the bond to the concrete
  • This product has been formulated to comply with the requirements of BS EN 1504-3 as a bonding primer
  • Contains fibres for improved thixotropy
  • Cementitious, contains no solvents
  • Single component; simply mix with water

Things to consider

  • Do not apply if frost is forecast within 24 hours of use
  • Do not apply in temperatures below 5°C or above 30°C
  • Shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in appropriate conditions 
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Allington Sluice Lock Gate, River Medway, Kent

Ageing river sluice facility on the River Medway in Kent required the technical attributes of our Five Star Repair Concrete and webercem HB30 mortar

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