webercem mortar CP

webercem mortar


  • 25kg

R4 mortar for cathodic protection and encapsulation of sacrificial anodes.

Suitable for:


webercem mortar CP is a pre-batched, single-component mortar needing only mixing with water to produce a mortar with low resistivity, suitable for patch repairs on concrete structures where cathodic protection systems are to be used.

Conforms to BS EN 1504-3 as a Class R4 repair product.


  • Encapsulation of sacrificial anodes
  • Levelling rough surfaces of concrete
  • Overlaying and building up thicknesses over low cover to steel reinforcement
  • Patch repairs to concrete bridge abutments, parapets, beams and crossheads
  • Filling-in of core holes, small voids and shutter tie holes
  • For tunnels, car parks, bridges, and marine structures such as jetties where cathodic protection is to be used as a preventative treatment
  • For vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Suitable for external and internal surfaces

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