webercem pyratop

weber pyratop


  • 25kg mortar & 8.3kg special granite aggregate

Rapid strength-gain repair concrete for thin bonded pavement repairs.

webercem pyratop is a two-part hydraulic cement based repair concrete consisting of a bag of the product and a smaller bag of special aggregate. When mixed together with the addition of water, it produces a rapid setting concrete with high early strength suitable for thin-bonded toppings or full-depth repairs up to 15m². It is dimensionally stable and has excellent abrasion resistance due to the use of hard granite aggregate.

Suitable for:


Ideal for...

  • High strength repairs to pavement concrete both thin-bed and full-depth
  • Thin-bonded repairs 25mm to 75mm depth
  • Industrial floors or failed floor slabs
  • Parking decks and ramps
  • Bridge deck repairs
  • Jetty decks and slipways to coastal areas
  • Loading bays
  • Airport hardstandings
  • Repairs to steps and joints

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Case studies

Brighton Marina
Technical Mortars Solutions

Brighton Marina, Brighton

A major pilot maintenance project at Brighton Marina where Weber's high performance concrete repair products were specified

Kingston Wharf – Isle of Wight
Technical Mortars Solutions

Kingston Wharf, Isle of Wight

High performance concrete repair products by Weber have been used in the remediation and protection of two commercial shipping wharves at Kingston in East Cowes.

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