webercem R4 duo

webercem R4 duo


  • 20kg

Lightweight, high build mortar for overhead and vertical repairs. Excellent levelling properties when used as a fairing coat.

Complies with BS-EN 1504-3 as an R4 repair mortar or R3 fairing coat. 

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webercem R4 duo is a single-component, polymer-modified, high build cementitious mortar, designed for structural concrete repairs. It requires only the addition of clean water to produce a low permeability, high strength mortar for both soffit and vertical repair situations as well as levelling solutions.

This product has been formulated to comply with the requirements of BS EN 1504-3 as an R4 mortar. Can also be used as a fairing coat tested to BS EN 1504-3, when appropriately prepared.

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Weber UK
Technical Mortars Solutions

Francis Holland School, London

Restoration using webercem R4 Duo

River Dane Bridge
Technical Mortars Solutions Concrete Repair

River Dane Bridge repairs

Located just north of junction 18 of the M6 motorway, near Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, the 85-metre-long River Dane bridge was constructed in 1962 to transport traffic across the river at high level. ...

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