webercem spray RS

webercem spray RS


  • 25kg

webercem spray RS is a ready-to-use, polymer-modified, dry-sprayed concrete able to achieve early set, ideal for permanent concrete repairs where time constraints demand early strength gain. The material contains inert limestone aggregates, dust suppressants and accelerators. The formulation is designed for the dry spray process method of application with reduced rebound and maximum applied thickness.

Conforms with BS EN 1504-3 as a Class R4 repair product.

Suitable for:


  • Rapid repairs to structures within tidal zones
  • Repairs to dock walls
  • Repairs to coastal structures
  • Structural repairs to jetties, piers, sea walls, quays and docks
  • Repairs to river bridge abutments or piers
  • Primary linings to underground workings
  • Structural repairs to concrete beams, columns and soffits
  • Repairs to railway bridge and viaduct soffits

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Case studies

Deansbrook Viaduct M1 Motorway before repair
Technical Mortars Solutions

Deansbrook Viaduct, M1 Motorway, Mill Hill, London

After it was badly damaged in 2011, the Deansbrook Viaduct received permanent remedial repair using innovative spray concrete repair products from Weber

Newhaven Seawall, East Sussex
Technical Mortars Solutions

Newhaven Seawall, East Sussex

The high performance webercem spray RS has been used in the vital reparation of the sea wall fortification of the Outer Bight.

Meadfoot Sea Wall, Torquay
Technical Mortars Solutions

Meadfoot Seawall, Torquay

Weber’s specialist construction concrete products have been specified to facilitate the major repair below the tidal level at Meadfoot seawall, Torquay, Devon.

webercem spray RS at Coronation Parade
Technical Mortars Solutions

Coronation Parade, Folkestone

High performance webercem spray RS repair concrete was specified for the protection of a 1930s sea wall damaged by decades of continuous tidal erosion

River Neath bridge after repair using webercem spray RS
Technical Mortars Solutions

River Neath Bridge, South Wales

Specification of high performance webercem spray RS, a rapid setting dry-spray concrete has enabled specialist contractor Freyssinet Ltd to carry out the strengthening of the bridge piers over River ...

Weymouth Harbour
Technical Mortars Solutions

Nothe Fort, Weymouth Harbour

High performance spray repair concrete by Saint-Gobain Weber has been used to fortify the sea wall that acts as a coastal defence to Nothe Fort at Weymouth Harbour, Dorset.

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