webercem spray RSF

webercem spray RSF


  • 25kg

Rapid-setting and fibre-reinforced dry spray structural repair concrete designed to give high strength, low rebound, low wastage and to maximise application thickness. Added alkali-resistant glass fibres give higher tensile strength, reduce shrinkage cracking and rebound.

Containing graded inert limestone aggregates and dust suppressants, webercem spray RSF has conformity testing to BS EN 1504-3 and meets the requirements for a Class R4 repair product. 

Suitable for:


webercem spray RSF is suitable for:

  • Rapid repairs to structures within tidal zones
  • Repairs to dock walls
  • Repairs to coastal structures
  • Structural repairs to jetties, piers, sea walls, quays and docks
  • Repairs to river bridge abutments or piers
  • Primary linings to underground workings
  • Structural repairs to concrete beams, columns and soffits
  • Repairs to railway bridge and viaduct soffits

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