webermineral TF

webermineral TF — winter render suitable for application in temperatures as low as 1°C

Polymer-modified, mineral render suitable for application in lower temperatures and best suited to rendering in winter. 


  • 20kg

Colours available

  • Cream
  • Ivory
  • Stone Grey
  • White
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About this product

webermineral TF is a decorative, textured finish to a prepared surface which can be used at temperatures as low as 1°C.

Consumption Calculator Unavailable

Unfortunately there is no consumption calculator currently available for this product, this may be due to complexities estimating how much product you may need. Please consult the Technical Datasheet which can be downloaded below or contact

Features and benefits

  • Weather resistant
  • Ready mixed – only the addition of potable water required on site for ease of use
  • Suitable for winter render projects — can apply in temperatures as low as 1°C
  • Durable and resilient
  • Fast-setting to prevent wash-off

Things to consider

  • Do not use if frost is forecast within 12 hours of use
  • Do not use in damp/wet conditions
  • Do not use in temperatures below 1°C or above 20°C
  • Not suitable for application onto elevations in direct sunlight or where the substrate is hot
  • Store in clean dry conditions above 5°C — when stored unopened in correct conditions a shelf life of 12 months can be expected


Technical & Safety Data Sheets and Certification

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