weberpral MF

weberpral MF — smooth render from Saint-Gobain Weber


  • 25kg

A fine-textured smooth render which will achieve a more contemporary modern aesthetic – suitable for most types of brick or blockwork.

Part of our monocouche range, application in one coat allows for shorter programme periods, reducing associated scaffolding and site costs and permitting the earlier completion of ground works.

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weberpral MF is a fine textured through-coloured monocouche render which is ideal for new build or refurbishment projects. 

Applied two passes, weberpral MF can be applied to an overall thickness of 15-20mm after scraping.

weberpral MF can be used to create sharper ashlar and quoin features, and is suitable for use on entire elevations, feature panels or smaller areas such as garden walls. 

Available in England, Scotland and Wales.

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