webertec aquapel crème

webertec aquapel creme


  • 10L

Water and silane-based cream with highly water repellent & dust suppressing properties. Designed to penetrate into the concrete for optimum protection against the absorption of water, pollutants and freeze/thaw cycles.

Suitable for:


webertec aquapel crème is for use on buildings and structures with porous concrete in exposed location to protect against absorption of water, pollutants and freeze/thaw cycles.

webertec aquapel crème can be used to protect bridges and other structures from salt spray.

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Stonebyres Hydro Electric Power Station with webersil P
Photos: Drax

Stonebyres hydro-electric power station, Lanark

When thinking of conservation projects, power stations rarely come to mind, but Stonebyres hydro-electric power station is nearly a century old and was in need of some repairs.

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