webertec bedding mortar

webertec bedding mortar


  • 25kg box containing 3-part system

Polyester-based mortar for bedding and fixing manhole frames, kerb stones, airport lighting bases, ducting, drains and highway fixtures.

webertec bedding mortar is a three-component, polyester-based mortar for the bedding and fixing of manhole frames, airport landing lights, duct frames and precast concrete units. It has been formulated for easy mixing and placement, even at low temperatures and, when cured, provides a durable, chemically resistant bedding and fixing material with good bond strength.

webertec bedding mortar is supplied in 25kg boxes containing 1 tin of resin, 1 large bag of filler and 1 small bag of hardener.

Suitable for:


Ideal for...

  • Bedding/fixing manhole frames
  • Bedding of airport landing lights
  • Bedding of duct frames
  • Fixing precast concrete units e.g. kerbstones

webertec bedding mortar is suitable for external use on:

  • Concrete
  • Dense brickwork
  • Asphalt
  • Stone
  • Block paviors


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