webertec EP pourable grout

webertec EP pourable grout

High-strength, chemically-resistant grout.

webertec EP pourable grout is specially formulated from epoxy resin and graded aggregates producing materials with exceptional toughness, chemical resistance, good flow characteristics and negligible shrinkage. 

A three-component pack which makes up into one mix.



  • 25kg

About this product

webertec EP pourable grout finds a wide application in the grouting-in of:

  • Bearings
  • Starter bars
  • Dowels
  • Balustrading
  • Crane rails
  • Machine baseplates
  • Setting-in bolts
  • Fixing runway lights
  • Situations where tight clearances add to the difficulties of obtaining secure fixings

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Features and benefits

  • Complies with BS EN 1504-3 and -6
  • Capable of withstanding high dynamic loads
  • High compressive and tensile strength (view Technical Datasheet for more information)
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Cure within the temperature range 5°C to 35°C
  • Negligible shrinkage factor allows use for underplate or rail grouting.
  • Grout remains in contact with the underside
  • Can be placed in much thinner sections than cementitious grouts resulting in cost savings

Things to consider

  • Fresh grout that has not yet set can be removed with webertec solvent using a cloth or brush to clean tools and spillages.
  • Set grout has to be removed with methylene chloride paint stripper and care must be taken during its use
  • The shelf life of webertec EP pourable grout is in excess of 12 months if stored in cool, dry, frost-free conditions
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Technical & Safety Data Sheets and Certification

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