webertec EP pourable grout

webertec EP pourable grout


  • 25kg

High-strength, chemically-resistant grout.

webertec EP pourable grout is specially formulated from epoxy resin and graded aggregates producing materials with exceptional toughness, chemical resistance, good flow characteristics and negligible shrinkage. 

A three-component pack which makes up into one mix.


Suitable for:


webertec EP pourable grout finds a wide application in the grouting-in of:

  • Bearings
  • Starter bars
  • Dowels
  • Balustrading
  • Crane rails
  • Machine baseplates
  • Setting-in bolts
  • Fixing runway lights
  • Situations where tight clearances add to the difficulties of obtaining secure fixings

Tutorials and videos

Case studies

Docklands Light Railway
Technical Mortars Solutions

Docklands Light Railway

The Docklands Light Railway links Canning Town to London City Airport, a total distance of 4.5km. The pads beneath the rails required grouting to distribute the load and ensure the rail was supported ...

The Swarm – Thorpe Park
Technical Mortars Solutions

The Swarm, Thorpe Park, Surrey

Thorpe Park's new theme park ride, The Swarm has a dynamic load of 28-rider trains travelling at up to 100km per hour, on 1000 tonnes of track over a distance of 775m (2,543 ft), is supported with ...

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