webertec force carbon plate

webertec force carbon plate


  • 150m roll (can be cut to required length)

webertec force carbon plate is high-performance, corrosion resistant carbon fibre laminate. Manufactured by S&P, Switzerland. When used with webertec EP structural adhesive, the laminates form part of the web. For use in accordance with Concrete Society Technical Report 55 55 Design Guidance for Strengthening Concrete Structures.

Suitable for:

Wall, Floor

To strengthen reinforced concrete, or masonry structures and timber
 Increasing load capacity

  • Improving serviceability
  • Reducing deflection
  • Repairs to damaged concrete
  • Modification of the structure with:
    • Changing distance of columns & walls
    • Openings in floor slabs
  • Flexural strengthening

Typical applications: 

  • Reinforced concrete beams, columns and walls
  • Floor slabs to buildings, car parks
  • Bridge decks, culverts and retaining walls

Tutorials and videos

Case studies

Barnes Bridge, Cheshire
Technical Mortars Solutions

Barnes Bridge, Cheshire

Prestigious major project for the Highways Agency used the Weber Composity Strengthening System on the M60 motorway at Cheadle in Cheshire

Weber UK
Technical Mortars Solutions

Etihad Stadium, Manchester

High performance webertec force carbon plate was specified for the structural strengthening of pre-cast concrete at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester.

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