webertec grout FG

webertec grout FG


  • Standard grade (23.3kg)
  • Rapid grade (23.3kg)

Fast-setting, high strength flowing grout.

webertec grout FG is a three-component polyester grout for anchoring and fixing. Fast-setting for rapid installation and can be used down to 0°C. Flowing grout to fill gaps of between 5mm up to 90mm dependent upon bulking out with aggregate.

Suitable for:


webertec grout FG is a three-component polyester grout for anchoring and fixing which is available in standard and rapid grades. 

Suitable uses

  • Fixing airport lighting units
  • Fixing vertical bolts, starter bars and dowels
  • Grouting anchor bolts and holding down bolts

Pot life or cure time

TemperatureStandard gradeRapid grade
0°CDo not use below 10°C40 minutes
5°CDo not use below 10°C25 minutes
7°CDo not use below 10°C22 minutes
10°C55 minutes17 minutes
15°C45 minutes12 minutes
20°C30 minutesDo not use above 17°C
25°C20 minutesDo not use above 17°C
30°C15 minutesDo not use above 17°C
35°C12 minutesDo not use above 17°C
40°C8 minutesDo not use above 17°C

AC150/5370-10 P606 Test results

Performance characteristicMethodRequirementResult
Tensile strengthASTM D-638-091000 psi2639 psi / 18.19 MPa
ElongationASTM D-638-09≥20%0.98%
Dielectric strength (short time test)ASTM D-149-97a350 Volts/Mil360 Volts/Mil
Arc resistanceASTM D-495-14125 seconds185 seconds
Adhesion to steelFAA Item P-606-3.51000 psi1483 psi / 10.22 MPa
Adhesion to cement concreteFAA Item P-606-3.6200 psi639 psi / 4.4 MPa
Compatibility with asphalt concreteASTM D-5329-16Yes / NoCompatible
Adhesion to aluminiumASTM D-4541250 psi448 psi / 3.1 MPa

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