webertec grout FG

webertec grout FG

Fast-setting, high strength flowing grout.

webertec grout FG is a three-component polyester grout for anchoring and fixing. Fast-setting for rapid installation and can be used down to 0°C. Flowing grout to fill gaps of between 5mm up to 90mm dependent upon bulking out with aggregate.


  • 23.3kg

About this product

Ideal for...

  • Fixing airport lighting units
  • Fixing vertical bolts, starter bars and dowels
  • Grouting anchor bolts and holding down bolts

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Unfortunately there is no consumption calculator currently available for this product, this may be due to complexities estimating how much product you may need. Please consult the Technical Datasheet which can be downloaded below or contact

Features and benefits

  • Fast-setting with rapid strength gain, allowing loads to be applied within 2 hours at 20°C
  • Available in standard and rapid grades depending upon temperature
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and asphalt substrates
  • Can be bulked out for varying gap sizes, 5mm - 90mm
  • Proven technology with reliability
  • Over 30 years experience worldwide

Things to consider

  • For hot weather conditions, it is recommended that webertec grout FG is kept cool in a refrigerated container and in insulated boxes on site. This will ensure a longer working time
  • Shelf life of unopened packs is at least 12 months
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