webertec mulsibond

webertec mulsibond
webertec mulsibond
webertec mulsibond 25L


webertec mulsibond is a low-viscosity, specially blended, acrylic copolymer emulsion-based product with exceptional penetrating properties. It has been used successfully for sealing hairline cracks in reinforced concrete, granolithic, mosaic and terrazzo floors and for consolidating hollow floor screeds.

Once set, webertec mulsibond has good flexibility and bond strength. Its exceptional penetrating properties enable it to be poured into fine hairline cracks with minimal assistance and penetrate deep into the structure. As the product sets it will seal the crack helping to prevent further ingress of moisture and, provided the cracks are clean, a good bond will be obtained to the surfaces. webertec mulsibond, when set, forms a rubbery mass, and has been used for consolidating hollow floor screeds or renders, often saving their complete removal.

Suitable for:

Wall, Floor

  • Sealing hairline cracks in reinforced concrete
  • Sealing cracks in horizontal surfaces such as granolithic, mosaic and terrazzo floors
  • Consolidating hollow floor screeds
  • Sealing cracks in vertical surfaces
  • Re-bonding renders

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