Choosing the right floor screed

Pumping Weber floor screeds

It can be a complicated process - should you go for traditional sand and cement or a more modern flooring compound?

You can now easily find a modern, self-smoothing floor screed suitable for finishing with almost any floor covering, or one suitable for taking heavy industrial loads. The most important aspect of choosing an appropriate screed for any given project is understanding what is needed, and working from there. A domestic self-build won’t require a heavy-duty industrial screed, but may need one suitable for laying onto insulation boards or underfloor heating. You may require a fast-drying screed to allow other trades to have access to the area in a short time. With any number of specific requirements for a given project, it’s important to know exactly what you need from your screed.

We’ve compiled a list of questions any contractor or specifier should ask themselves before choosing a screed:

  • What’s the type of application? Is it commercial/industrial/residential?
  • What’s the substrate? Is it concrete/anhydrite screed/suspended floor/insulation board?
  • Is underfloor heating present?
  • How old is the substrate?
  • What is the finished floor's intended function?
  • What is the final floor covering?
  • How soon after installation does it need to be trafficable?

Because each project is unique, it’s difficult to recommend a screed without reviewing the specification. We have however split our screeds into two basic categories: commercial (which as a rule of thumb should fulfil the requirements of any residential project) and industrial.

Once you’ve answered all the necessary questions it’s easy to find an appropriate screed for any project. We've made it easy to access all the information you may need before specifying any of our products, including product features, strength classifications and product datasheets. Once armed with all the information, it’s easy to use our product comparison tool to find the right screed for your requirements.  

What did you go for?

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