Help & Advice: External Wall Insulation Systems

Help & Advice: External Wall Insulation Systems

When it comes to improving the thermal efficiency of a building, external wall insulation is a great solution which not only reduces heat loss through the walls, but also rejuvenates the façade of a building. Use our guides below to understand more about external wall insulation and why they could be the ideal choice for your next project.

All about external wall insulation

Why choose EWI?

Did you know that around 33% of heat is lost in a home is through uninsulated solid walls? Reduce heat loss and get a brand new façade for your home.

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Benefits of EWI

From reduced noise levels in your home to increasing the value of your property, there's more to external wall insulation than just lowering your energy bill.

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How does it work?

Rather than compromising the internal space of your home, EWI is attached to the outside of your home and is made up of insulation board and layers of render.

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EWI for landlords

As a landlord, external wall insulation offers various benefits such as increasing the energy efficiency and long-term value of your rental property.

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Choosing the right system

U-value estimator

When it comes to external wall insulation, the most important thing is reducing heat loss through the walls. Our U-value Estimator tool allows you to do just this in just a few clicks.

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Façade colour simulator

Bring your ideas to life by uploading your own photo or use one of our pre-loaded templates to try different facade options.

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Colour & texture charts

Choosing a texture and colour for a newly rendered façade can be one of the most important decisions on a project. 

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