Insulating single-skin construction

Single-skin construction is a fast, simple, and reliable form of construction, but attention to detail at openings is of vital importance to avoid moisture tracking around seals and into the inner face. Simple traditional sealants are of concern to designers as there is a very short distance between the elements and the substrate at openings.

Common issues and queries you can face

Thick materials required

Thick materials required

Single-skin solid wall construction may need relatively thick materials to provide thermal requirements, thereby increasing the building footprint.

Poor resistance to weather

Poor resistance to weather

The masonry available to provide thermal resistance at reasonable thickness for single-skin construction often needs a protective and decorative cladding.

Poor sealing

Poor sealing

Without careful detailing at openings water can track around windows and door frames, and bypass seals at openings. Good quality and reliable seals are paramount. Simple gun-applied sealants used with cavity construction are often poorly applied — if they fail for whatever reason, the construction is immediately exposed.

Use webertherm XM or webertherm XP

webertherm XM and webertherm XP insulate the structure while providing a robust weather proof exterior and improving the overall aesthetics of the building.

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