Designing a space to meet the needs of the people using it sounds simple and logical, but it’s less common than you’d think. And if you’ve ever spent time in a building that’s too hot, cold, noisy or has poor lighting, you’ll understand the impact it has on your day to day life.

More and more facilities managers are switching onto the benefits of better building design and Weber can offer support when planning or designing your office refurb, shop refit or warehouse build.

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Warehousing and manufacturing plants don't always have the soft comforts and furnishings that offices have, but walls and floors can be improved to make the environment more comfortable and responsive to the employees wellbeing and the facility's functionality.

In the industrial environment, speed, strength and durability are the keys for a successful floor installation. Weber’s high performance Industrial screed range offers exactly this, creating stronger, smoother, longer lasting floors with minimal down-time. The speed of application is up to ten times faster than traditional screeds and the fast drying/curing properties allow forklift traffic or resin finishes to be applied within 24 hours.


There is overwhelming evidence which demonstrates that the design of an office impacts the health, wellbeing and productivity of its occupants.  Weber can offer assistance when designing, building or renovating offices to deliver improved comfort and wellbeing for everyone, so to improve your organisation’s productivity, consider the impact your building is having and could have… 

With the growth of open plan offices there are often disputes about noise and temperature.  Weber EWI systems will help support a consistent room temperature, whilst some systems will offer noise reduction from external sources and weberfloor systems can provide dampening internally. 


With the UK population spending around 18 days shopping each year, making sure retail spaces are enjoyable and comfortable spaces for shoppers is key for retailers.

Whilst every retail space can be quite varied there are key benefits which all businesses will look to offer that influence the shopping environment and are believed to have an impact on employees and customers. These include aspects such as lighting, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, interior layout and inclusive design.  Weber can support with the design of new build and refurbishment schemes supporting thermal efficiency and clean, attractive design of facades, floors and walls.

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