Render ancillary products

Render preparation products

The key to a good rendering job is adequate preparation – this includes cleaning and priming substrates, adhering beads correctly, and creating the right level of suction and key to a substrate prior to the application of façade system.

Render preparation products

Clean the substrate

Prior to the application of a render system, the substrate must be cleaned of all dirt, bacteria and debris.

weber CL150 is a water-based render and masonry wash which contains biocides which can be used as an algae treatment and is also effective against a broad range of bacterial, fungal, yeast and mould species.

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Prime the substrate

Prior to the application of a render system, the substrate must be appropriately primed to reduce excessive suction.

weber PR310 is a ready to use liquid paint primer for preparing substrates to reduce suction. White in colour, this product can also be used on base coat renders to prevent colour 'grinning' through to the final façade finish.

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Adhere beads

All beads including corner beads, drip beads, stop beads and expansion beads must be fixed before installing a render system.

weberend bead adhesive offers immediate grip to the substrate whilst still allowing for the correction of misalignment and levels. Rapid setting qualities allow you to bead up on the same day as rendering.

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Create good key

Some substrates may have poor key, such as smooth concrete or brickwork or blockwork without recessed mortar joints.

weberend aid is a polymer-modified sand and cement stipple render which is used as a preparatory key coat before installing a render system and is applied with a hawk and trowel or an open hopper spray gun.

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Control scrape times

The scrape time of monocouche render is optimal at 20°C, however in the colder and warmer months this means either the render can start to go off quicker or slower than expected. 

Our monocouche scrape time control products allow you to achieve a same-day or next-day scrape by either speeding up or extending scrape times.

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