Weber has a range of rapid solutions specially designed to assist the airport infrastructure managers in overcoming problems in many areas of airport maintenance.

The need to have runways and taxiways operational for the maximum period of time is of great importance to airport operators and airlines but the critical factor is safety.

Every airport is responsible for keeping its runways and taxiways clear of foreign object debris (FOD), as well as clearing snow and ice from all surfaces on which aircraft move. The airport must also maintain runway and taxiway paving and is responsible for the upkeep of the special lighting and signs required for safe aircraft operation.

Runway Lighting & Lighting Cables

Weber offer a strong and durable solution for the installation of embedded lighting for runways and taxiways. Bedding and grouting of airport lighting bases use a rapid mortar to bed the bases and a rapid pourable grout to fix the units into place.

Fixing of airport lighting cables on runways and taxiways uses a rapid flowable grout to encapsulate cables and fill the cable slots effectively.

Pavement Repairs & Bedding of Ironworks

Concrete paved runways, taxiways and hard standings are subject to damage by abrasion, impact, frost attack, subsidence and cracking. They need to be repaired speedily with fast setting concretes and protected by a surface hardening impregnating agent. 

There are many services such as water mains, lighting, power, drainage etc. located under runways that require access hatches. These have to be fixed with quick-setting durable bedding mortars. 

Terminal Buildings, Hangars & Car Parks

Expansive terminal buildings require continuous maintenance ensuring all concrete areas are protected and repaired if damage occurs. 

Hangars provide covered floor space to accommodate aircraft for scheduled inspections and services and maintenance. 

Pavements for hangar floors must be designed to support aircraft loads. Car parks are relatively flexible concrete structures and therefore require special materials for repairs and reinstatement.

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