Glasgow Airport Runway 05/23

Glasgow Airport main runway was nearing the end of its design life and strengthening works were required to rebuild runway 05/23.  Work involved strengthening the central section for aircraft loadings for the next 15 years, replacing the airfield lighting system and resurfacing the runway - all within a tight runway possession between 10:30 pm and 5:40 am every night. 

The contractor needed to install new runway cable ducts and 920 new runway lights within this possession.

webercem pyrapatch, a fast setting pavement repair concrete, was used to install the new lighting ducts along the main runway. The tight
possession times meant the material was required to set fast and gain at least 30 N/mm2 within 3 hours to allow aircraft landings after 06:00
hours. The contractor cut chases through the existing runway and used webercem pyrapatch to infill around the electrical ducts. The lighting units were installed using the BAA approved webertec bedding mortar, a fast setting resin mortar enabled the contractor to install the lighting units quickly in temperatures down to 0°C and the lights were then grouted into position with webertec grout FG.

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